Organized Invited Sessions
  • EO010: Modelling financial and insurance risks
    Organizers: Tak Kuen Siu
  • EO012: High dimensional and complex data analysis
    Organizers: Ray-Bing Chen, Shih-Feng Huang
  • EO016: Advances in nonparametric methods and applications
    Organizers: Taeryon Choi
  • EO018: Statistical modelling for network data
    Organizers: Yang Feng
  • EO020: KSS session: Statistical learning
    Organizers: Yongdai Kim
  • EO022: Recent advances on the analysis of event history studies
    Organizers: Jianguo Sun
  • EO024: Advances in change points, missing data and neural networks
    Organizers: Frederick Kin Hing Phoa
  • EO026: Networks and causality
    Organizers: Monica Billio
  • EO028: Forecasting economic and financial time series
    Organizers: Alain Hecq
  • EO030: Recent advances in dynamic panel data and factor models
    Organizers: Degui Li
  • EO034: Recent advances on hypothesis testing
    Organizers: Lan Wang, Xuehu Zhu
  • EO038: Advances in statistical and econometric modelling of risk processes
    Organizers: Zudi Lu
  • EO040: Endogeneity and nonparametrics in models of production
    Organizers: Artem Prokhorov
  • EO042: Large-scale, non-elliptic portfolio optimization
    Organizers: Marc Paolella
  • EO046: New developments in time series analysis
    Organizers: Cathy W-S Chen
  • EO048: Challenges in functional data analysis
    Organizers: Jeng-Min Chiou
  • EO052: Recent advances in high dimensional statistical inference
    Organizers: Ping-Shou Zhong
  • EO054: Statistical methods for big data integration
    Organizers: Hongtu Zhu
  • EO056: Performance analysis
    Organizers: Valentin Zelenyuk
  • EO060: Time series modeling and its applications
    Organizers: Heung Wong
  • EO064: Heteroskedasticity and autocorrelation robust inference
    Organizers: Yixiao Sun
  • EO066: Recent advance in time series econometrics
    Organizers: Tingting Cheng
  • EO068: Advances in volatility modelling and forecasting
    Organizers: Boris Choy
  • EO070: Recent advances in spatial statistics
    Organizers: Huiyan Sang
  • EO072: Statistical methods for functional data and complex data objects
    Organizers: Ying Chen
  • EO074: Advances in exact and approximate Bayesian computation
    Organizers: Robert Kohn
  • EO076: Circular time series and statistical inference
    Organizers: Toshihiro Abe
  • EO078: Modeling and testing problems with complex high-dimensional data
    Organizers: Ming-Yen Cheng
  • EO080: Variable selection, dimension reduction, and outlier detection
    Organizers: Sung Nok Chiu
  • EO082: Advances in high-dimensional data analysis
    Organizers: Hao Chen
  • EO084: Modelling with non-Gaussian distributions
    Organizers: Geoffrey McLachlan
  • EO086: Regression and classification in high-dimensional spaces
    Organizers: Chenlei Leng
  • EO088: Quantile regression in high dimensions
    Organizers: Huixia Judy Wang
  • EO090: Recent developments in time series analysis and related topics
    Organizers: Sangyeol Lee
  • EO094: Advances in time series analysis
    Organizers: Kaiji Motegi
  • EO096: Statistical computing for large panel data
    Organizers: Feng Li
  • EO098: Recent developments in ecological statistics
    Organizers: Wen-Han Hwang
  • EO100: New developments in experimental designs and industrial statistics
    Organizers: Chang-Yun Lin
  • EO102: New advances in statistical modeling, computation and applications
    Organizers: Wan-Lun Wang
  • EO104: Inference for correlated data
    Organizers: Samuel Mueller
  • EO106: Large-scale regression methods and algorithms
    Organizers: Peter Song
  • EO108: Model averaging, selection and shrinkage
    Organizers: Alan Wan
  • EO112: New developments in financial econometrics
    Organizers: Daniel Preve
  • EO116: New development in analyzing large complex data
    Organizers: Annie Qu
  • EO120: Nonlinear time series
    Organizers: Philip Yu
  • EO122: Recent developments on dynamic treatment regimes
    Organizers: Rui Song
  • EO124: Recent advances in latent variable models
    Organizers: Xinyuan Song
  • EO126: Some new development in complex survival data
    Organizers: Catherine Liu
  • EO128: New developments in survival analysis
    Organizers: Xingqiu Zhao
  • EO130: Recurrent events
    Organizers: Laurent Bordes, Eric Beutner
  • EO132: Finding group structures in biomedical and health data
    Organizers: Shu-Kay Ng
  • EO134: Financial and risk management applications
    Organizers: Cathy W-S Chen
  • EO136: Statistical methods for functional data
    Organizers: Bertrand Clarke, Yuhang Xu
  • EO140: Financial volatility
    Organizers: Toshiaki Watanabe
  • EO142: Recent advances in Bayesian computation
    Organizers: Minh-Ngoc Tran
  • EO144: High dimensional inference for complex data
    Organizers: Inchi Hu, Lilun Du
  • EO146: Topics in financial and nonparametric econometrics
    Organizers: Artem Prokhorov, Jeroen Rombouts
  • EO148: Bayesian nonparametrics
    Organizers: Igor Pruenster
  • EO150: Advanced graphical and computational methods
    Organizers: Garth Tarr
  • EO152: Recent advances in nonparametric inference
    Organizers: Young Kyung Lee
  • EO154: Recent advances in time series analysis
    Organizers: Wai-Keung Li
  • EO158: Insurance models with dependence
    Organizers: KC Yuen
  • EO160: New developments in financial time series
    Organizers: Guodong Li
  • EO164: Non- and semi-parametric methods for economics and financial data
    Organizers: Chae Young Lim
  • EO166: Applied statistical modeling
    Organizers: Jingheng Cai
  • EO170: Recent advances in time series analysis
    Organizers: Chun Yip Yau
  • EO172: Statistical inference and their applications to complex problems
    Organizers: Regina Liu
  • EO176: Large scale financial data
    Organizers: Yingying Li
  • EO178: Factor models and financial econometrics
    Organizers: Xinghua Zheng
  • EO182: Computational methods in financial statistics
    Organizers: Cheng-Der Fuh
  • EO186: Sufficient dimension reduction in survival analysis
    Organizers: Chin-Tsang Chiang
  • EO188: Applications and empirical research in economics and finance
    Organizers: Tsung-Chi Cheng
  • EO190: Quantile regression and robust methods
    Organizers: Jianhui Zhou
  • EO194: Nonparametric methods for variability estimation
    Organizers: Bo Li
  • EO196: Big data and its applications
    Organizers: Amanda Chu
  • EO198: Recent development in statistical analysis of functional and image data
    Organizers: Jian Qing Shi, Chunzheng Cao
  • EO200: High-dimensional statistics: Testing, estimation and beyond
    Organizers: Yingli Qin
  • EO202: Nonparametric and semi parametric statistics and their applications
    Organizers: Xiangrong Yin
  • EO204: Functional data analysis and its applications
    Organizers: Ci-Ren Jiang
  • EO206: High dimensional Bayesian time series modeling and forecasting
    Organizers: Hedibert Lopes
  • EO208: High dimensional matrices and networks
    Organizers: Yichao Wu
  • EO210: New developments in fusion learning and statistical inferences
    Organizers: Min-ge Xie
  • EO212: Modelling and estimation in financial time series
    Organizers: Clifford Lam
  • EO214: Inference and applications for time series models
    Organizers: NH Chan
  • EO216: Statistical inference for high-dimensional data
    Organizers: Shujie Ma
  • EO218: Econometric methods for macroeconomic analysis and forecasting
    Organizers: Yohei Yamamoto
  • EO220: New methods and applications in quantile regression and beyond
    Organizers: Keming Yu
  • EO222: Advances in complex time series analysis and its applications
    Organizers: Lily Wang
  • EO224: Modern statistical methods for complex data
    Organizers: Junhui Wang
  • EO228: Asymptotic statistics of random processes
    Organizers: Masayuki Uchida
  • EO230: Recent challenges in genetic association atudies
    Organizers: Taesung Park
  • EO232: Model estimation in mathematical finance
    Organizers: Xiaoling Dou
  • EO234: New challenges in complex data analysis
    Organizers: Yichuan Zhao
  • EO236: Theory and numerics in estimating stochastic processes
    Organizers: Hiroki Masuda
  • EO238: Extreme value modeling and risk analysis
    Organizers: Jun Yan
  • EO240: Recent advances in mixture models and latent variable models
    Organizers: Chi Tim Ng
  • EO242: Bayesian modeling for spatiotemporal phenomena
    Organizers: Fumiyasu Komaki
  • EO244: Macro and financial econometrics
    Organizers: Kyu Ho Kang
  • EO246: Recent developments in sufficient dimension reduction and graphical models
    Organizers: Bing Li
  • EO248: Integrating big and complex imaging data with new statistical tools
    Organizers: Linglong Kong
  • EO250: High dimensional problems in econometrics
    Organizers: Juhyun Park
  • EO252: Recent advances in complexly-structured time series analysis
    Organizers: Zhou Zhou
  • EO254: New methods in high dimensional data analysis
    Organizers: Yiyuan She
  • EO256: Business analytics
    Organizers: Amanda Chu
  • EO260: New developments in biomedical research II
    Organizers: Wai-Keung Li, Jinfeng Xu
  • EO262: New developments in biomedical research I
    Organizers: Jinfeng Xu
  • EO264: Design and analysis of complex experiments: Theory and applications
    Organizers: MingHung Kao
  • EO266: Advances in optimal portfolio allocation and option pricing
    Organizers: Simon Kwok
  • EO268: Spatial econometrics
    Organizers: Sophie Dabo, Nicolas Debarsy
  • EO276: Financial econometrics
    Organizers: Gian Luigi Mazzi, Tucker McElroy
  • EO278: Learning theory and big data
    Organizers: Yiming Ying
  • EO280: Modelling financial market dynamics
    Organizers: Ruijun Bu
  • EO296: Statistical models with applications
    Organizers: Seng Huat Ong
  • EO298: Change point analysis in a high-dimensional setting
    Organizers: Minya Xu
  • EO303: Wavelets in economics and finance
    Organizers: Antonio Rua
  • EO305: Data analytics and machine learning methods for risk and insurance
    Organizers: Gareth Peters
  • EO307: Recent advances in causal inference methods
    Organizers: Qi Long
  • EO309: Smart beta and quantitative investing
    Organizers: Serge Darolles
  • EO311: Recent advances in joint modeling
    Organizers: Ming Wang
  • EO316: Financial integration and crisis transmission
    Organizers: Vance Martin