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Small Area Estimation

The SAE group aims to build and maintain a network of researchers to foster collaborative works in the foundations, methodology and applications of Small Area Estimation. Foundation and methodological issues may include the research on survey sampling, modelling and computational aspects, the introduction of efficient approaches under parametric or nonparametric setups, the estimation of mean squared errors including resampling procedures, the application of robust and Bayes methods, the use of time and spatial models and many others. Application issues deal with the estimation of magnitudes in territories or domains where sample sizes are too small to obtain reliable direct estimates.

The SAE group addresses in a good balance: (1) theoretical and methodological developments in small area estimation and related fields, and (2) practical applications of small area estimation methods, including their potential uses in various research areas and official statistics.

Domingo Morales, Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Spain.
Lola Ugarte, Public University of Navarre, Spain.
  1. Serena Arima, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.
  2. Annibale Biggeri, University of Florence, Italy.
  3. Peter Congdon, QMUL, United Kingdom.
  4. Enrico Fabrizi, Catholic University of the Sacred Hearth, Italy.
  5. Tomas Goicoa, Universidad Publica de Navarra, Spain.
  6. Tomas Hobza, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic.
  7. Brunero Liseo, Sapienza Universita di Roma, Italy.
  8. Maria Jose Lombardia, Universidade da Coruna, Spain.
  9. Stefano Marchetti, Dipartimento di Economia e Management, Universita di Pisa, Italy.
  10. Myriam Maumy-Bertrand, Universite de Strasbourg, France.
  11. Ana F. Militino, Universidad Publica de Navarra, Spain.
  12. Isabel Molina, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.
  13. David Molina, University of Granada, Spain.
  14. Domingo Morales, University Miguel Hernandez of Elche, Spain.
  15. Silvia Polettini, Sapienza Universita di Roma, Italy.
  16. Monica Pratesi, University of Pisa, Italy.
  17. Monica Pratesi, University of Pisa, Italy.
  18. Setareh Ranjbar, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  19. Setareh Ranjbar, HEC Lausanne, Switzerland.
  20. JSunil Rao, University of Miami, United States.
  21. Saba Riaz, Riphah International University Islamabad, Pakistan.
  22. Giovanni Riccardi, University of Bologna, Italy.
  23. Cristina Rueda, University of Valladolid, Spain.
  24. Timo Schmid, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany.
  25. Luca Secondi, University of Tuscia, Italy.
  26. Key-Il Shin, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea, South.
  27. Natalie Shlomo, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.
  28. Yajuan Si, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States.
  29. Stefan Sperlich, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  30. Nikos Tzavidis, University of Southampton, United Kingdom.
  31. Maria Dolores Ugarte, Universidad Publica de Navarra, Spain.
  32. Clement Walter, University Paris Diderot, France.
  33. Zhengyuan Zhu, Iowa State University, United States.