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Title: Does trilemma speak Chinese? Authors:  Georgios Magkonis - University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom) [presenting]
Abstract: Based on the limitations imposed by the trilemma, the trade-offs faced by the Chinese economy is examined. Taking into account the role of accumulation of foreign reserves we examine how binding the constraints are for the Chinese monetary authorities. Additionally, using a panel VAR with dynamic and static interdependencies as well as cross-sectional heterogeneities, we examine the monetary spillovers from China to a series of Asian economies. In this way, we measure the degree to which the Chinese trilemma constraints are exported to other countries. Consistent with previous research, the empirical evidence suggests that China's trilemma configurations are unique as China manages to achieve exchange rate stability, along with moderate financial liberalization, without losing its monetary autonomy. Furthermore, there are no significant spillovers to regional economies. Overall, trilemma does speak Chinese, but only for a short period.