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Title: Statistical challenges in integrating survey and administrative data in the Canadian census Authors:  Karelyn Davis - Statistics Canada (Canada) [presenting]
Abstract: Many national statistical offices are conducting research to better utilize administrative records, defined as data collected by government agencies or commercial businesses as part of administering a program or service. Administrative records offer the possibility to mitigate the lack of sustainability of the traditional survey enumeration approach, to offset declining response rates and to potentially reduce survey costs. Often, administrative records are longitudinal in nature and some European countries have incorporated such records into their national census, either wholly or partially, through the use of statistical or administrative registers. In these countries, estimation is subsequently based on information compiled in the registers as opposed to traditional survey enumeration. In Canada, a combined census approach is under research, whereby administrative data and traditional data collection are used jointly to enumerate populations under study. Such integration provides interesting statistical challenges, particularly with respect to record linkage methodology, estimation and hypothesis testing. Ongoing research into these challenges will be discussed, particularly how to form households from longitudinal individual administrative data in the Canadian context.