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Title: A complex multi-state redundant system with vacations in the repair Authors:  Juan Eloy Ruiz-Castro - University of Granada (Spain) [presenting]
Mohammed Dawabsha - Arab American University (Occupied Territories of Palestine)
Abstract: A complex multi-state redundant system with preventive maintenance subject to multiple events is considered. The system can undergo internal failures and external shocks and several internal and external degradation levels are assumed. These are observed by random inspections, and if they are major, preventive maintenance is carried out. The repair facility is composed of a repairperson who may take one or more vacations. Two types of tasks may be performed by the repairperson, corrective repair and preventive maintenance. A policy is established for the repairpersons vacation time according to the number of units in the repair facility. All embedded times in the systems are phase-type distributed, and they are modeled by using Markov processes. The transient and stationary distribution is worked out and several interesting reliability measures are developed in a matrix-algorithmic form. Costs and rewards are included in the model. The results are implemented in Matlab. A numerical example shows the versatility of the model.