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Title: Inter-modal coupling analysis Authors:  Kristin Linn - University of Pennsylvania (United States) [presenting]
Russell Shinohara - University of Pennsylvania (United States)
Abstract: Local cortical coupling is a subject-specific measure of the spatially varying relationship between cortical thickness and sulcal depth. Although it is a promising first step towards understanding local covariance patterns between two image-derived measurements, a more general coupling framework that can accommodate multiple volumetric imaging modalities is warranted. We first introduce Inter-Modal Coupling (IMCo), an analogue of local coupling in volumetric space that can be used to produce subject-level, spatially varying feature maps derived from two volumetric imaging modalities. We then leverage IMCo to address partial volume effects when studying localized relationships between gray matter density and cerebral blood flow (CBF) among participants in the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort. We also develop a generalized estimating equation approach to study spatial variation in multi-modal image relationships at the population level.