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Title: Domain adaptation from a pre-trained source model Authors:  Luxin Zhang - Inria/Worldline (France) [presenting]
Pascal Germain - Inria (France)
Christophe Biernacki - Inria (France)
Yacine Kessaci - Worldline (France)
Abstract: Traditional statistical learning paradigm assumes the consistency between train and test data distributions. This rarely holds in many real-life applications. The domain adaptation paradigm proposes a variety of techniques to overcome this issue. Most of the works in this area seek either for a latent space where source and target data share the same distribution, or for a transformation of the source distribution to match the target one. Both strategies require learning a model on the transformed source data. An original scenario is studied where one is given a model that has been constructed using expertise on the source data that is not accessible anymore. To use directly this model on target data, we propose to learn a transformation from the target domain to the source domain. Up to our knowledge, this is a new perspective on domain adaptation. This learning problem is introduced and formalized. We study the assumptions and the sufficient conditions mandatory to guarantee a good accuracy when using the source model directly on transformed target data. By pursuing this idea, a new domain adaptation method based on optimal transport is proposed. We experiment our method on a fraud detection problem.