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Title: A framework to analyze and dissect dissemination of motivated information through social media Authors:  Sunandan Chakraborty - Indiana University IUPUI (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: `Fake news' has been an important part of our contemporary public discourse. The term has been used by a variety of actors to broadcast items that mislead people in the guise of legitimacy. In India, with a large share of new social media users, information that is either blatantly false, or motivated to inflame, can spread to a large population within a small span of time. Consuming fake news has led to serious consequences, including deaths in India. On many platforms, such as, WhatsApp, due to encryption of messages, it becomes extremely difficult for law enforcement to intervene and stop such information from spreading. At present, most of this detection is carried out manually. With the increasingly fast rate of generation and even faster rate of spread of such stories, it is infeasible to rely purely on manual interventions to address this problem. The first focus will be on the nature of false information that is spread in India by analyzing a collection of posts verified to be false. The methods and intent used in the spread of false information will be presented. The second focus will be on methods to collect data from secure platforms like Whatsapp using crowdsourcing and develop methods to detect false information within shared posts.