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Title: Estimating the risk of dowry death in India: Avoiding confounding to evaluate its association with sex ratio Authors:  Maria Dolores Ugarte - Universidad Publica de Navarra (Spain) [presenting]
Abstract: Dowry death is a form of crime against women specific to India. It is a complex phenomenon and looking for potential risk factors is a crucial matter However, when using ecological spatio-temporal models to evaluate the association between potential risk factors and the dowry death risk, it is usually difficult to separate the covariate effects from the spatial, temporal, and spatio-temporal random effects. To deal with this issue (confounding) we consider two possibilities: extending the spatial restricted regression to the spatio-temporal setting and exploring the use of constraints. Both proposals will be compared in terms of fit and fixed effects estimates. The main aim is to assess the association between dowry deaths risks and sex ratio in Uttar Pradesh (the most populated Indian state).