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Title: Bayesian nonparametric functional mixture modelling to uncover neurocardiovascular profiles in older Irish adults Authors:  Bernardo Nipoti - University of Milan Bicocca (Italy) [presenting]
Belinda Hernandez - Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
Abstract: Cardiovascular ageing is one of the principal causes of physical and cognitive disability and mortality. Impaired blood pressure regulation with age is known to influence functional decline. As part of a larger project, which is investigating the relationship between ageing and its links to cardiovascular and neurocardiovascular functioning, we use a Bayesian nonparametric functional mixture model to uncover groups which might identify the major distinct neurocardiovascular profiles in older Irish adults aged 50+. Data were taken from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) and consist of different measurements collected during the so called active-stand experiment.