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Title: Identification of spreading depolarization based on potassium and glucose levels Authors:  Satish Iyengar - University of Pittsburgh (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: The US is experiencing a large incidence of traumatic brain injury with 1.7 million per year and over 50,000 deaths. Patients with severe TBI require neurosurgery followed by intensive care, with a difficult road to recovery, often with poor outcomes such as severe disability, a vegetative state, or death. Secondary brain injury, or the expansion of the primary lesion into the vulnerable penumbra, is a major contributor to poor outcomes. There are currently no technologies to diagnose secondary injury, so it is untreated. Spreading depolarization triggers a metabolic crisis and is correlated with secondary injury. We will describe a preclinical study of an animal model to expand our knowledge of strategies to mitigate the detrimental consequences of localized tissue damage when probes are inserted into brain tissue. Specifically, we study rats that are subject to a controlled cortical impact, after which glucose and potassium traces are collected. We will describe the use of generalized additive models with autoregression on these bivariate traces to develop methods to identify SDs.