Keynote talk 1 Sunday 14.4.2019 09:30 - 10:20 Room: Neptune
Stepwise regression ensembling
Speaker: S. Van Aelst   Chair: Elvezio Ronchetti
Keynote talk 2 Monday 15.4.2019 10:30 - 11:20 Room: Neptune
How good is your selected subgroup?
Speaker: X. He   Chair: Jochen Einbeck
Keynote talk 3 Tuesday 16.4.2019 10:50 - 11:40 Room: Neptune
Object oriented data analysis
Speaker: S. Marron   Chair: Aurore Delaigle


Parallel session B: CRONOSMDA2019 Sunday 14.4.2019 10:50 - 12:50

Session CI013 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session I Sunday 14.4.2019   10:50 - 12:50
Chair: Karel Hron Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CC0151:  K. Hron
  Applied compositional data analysis
Session CO029 Room: Neptune
Some advances in functional statistics: Theory and applications Sunday 14.4.2019   10:50 - 12:50
Chair: Enea Bongiorno Organizer: Enea Bongiorno
  CO0200:  M. Franco Villoria, M. Ventrucci, H. Rue
  Prior specification for the functional linear regression model
  CO0216:  M.D. Jimenez-Gamero, A. Franco-Pereira
  Testing the equality of a large number of means of Hilbert data
  CO0222:  D. Kraus
  Tests and confidence regions for incompletely observed functional data
  CO0231:  F. Centofanti, M. Fontana, A. Lepore, S. Vantini
  Sparse estimation of function-on-function non-concurrent linear regression models
  CO0267:  S. Fontanella, E. del Gobbo, L. Fontanella, L. Ippoliti, P. Valentini
  Investigating the temporal dynamics of tweets through functional data analysis
Session CO048 Room: Business center
Functional regression, domain selection and classification Sunday 14.4.2019   10:50 - 12:50
Chair: Sara Sjostedt-de Luna Organizer: Sara Sjostedt-de Luna
  CO0208:  T. Pataky
  Statistical parametric mapping: One extra parameter to generalize classical hypothesis testing to continuum analysis
  CO0229:  L. Schelin, K. Abramowicz, A. Pini, S. Sjostedt de Luna, A. Stamm, S. Vantini
  Domain selection and family-wise error rate for functional data: A unified framework
  CO0241:  A. Menafoglio, R. Talska, K. Hron, J. Machalova, E. Fiserova
  Function-on-scalar regression for distributional responses
  CO0253:  M. Fontana, M. Tavoni, S. Vantini
  Functional data analysis-based sensitivity and domain-selective testing for integrated assessment models
  CO0243:  N. Pya Arnqvist, B. Ngendangenzwa, L. Nilsson, E. Lindahl, J. Yu
  Efficient surface finish defect detection using reduced rank spline smoothers
Session CO052 Room: Triton 1+2
Inference for densities, modes, and structures Sunday 14.4.2019   10:50 - 12:50
Chair: Jochen Einbeck Organizer: Jochen Einbeck
  CO0230:  B. Ebner
  Resampling under unimodality via the empirical zero bias transform
  CO0168:  S. Hudecova
  Goodness-of-fit test for bivariate models of time series of counts
  CO0166:  P. Wilson, J. Einbeck
  The Christmas tree plot: A graphical tool for assessing the suitability of a count regression model
  CO0190:  J. Einbeck
  Some thoughts on the estimation of antimodes
  CO0270:  I. Kosmidis, A. Zeileis
  Infinite mixtures of beta regression models for bounded-domain variables
Parallel session C: CRONOSMDA2019 Sunday 14.4.2019 14:20 - 15:50

Session CI015 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session II Sunday 14.4.2019   14:20 - 15:50
Chair: Karel Hron Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CC0167:  K. Hron
  Applied compositional data analysis
Session CO027 Room: Neptune
Functional data and depths Sunday 14.4.2019   14:20 - 15:50
Chair: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez Organizer: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  CO0172:  K. Chen, A. Zhang
  Nonparametric covariance estimation for mixed longitudinal studies
  CO0188:  S. Nagy
  The halfspace depth characterization problem
  CO0215:  C. Kirch, J. Aston, C. Stoehr
  Functional change point detection for fMRI data
  CO0284:  E. Arnone, A. Kneip, F. Nobile, L. Sangalli
  Spatial regression with PDE penalization: Consistency of the estimator
Session CO039 Room: Triton 1+2
Deep learning and Bayesian analysis Sunday 14.4.2019   14:20 - 15:50
Chair: Florian Frommlet Organizer: Florian Frommlet
  CO0161:  P. Michiardi, M. Filippone
  Bayesian deep learning
  CO0162:  F. Frommlet, A. Hubin, G.O. Storvik
  A novel approach to deep Bayesian regression
  CO0163:  A. Hubin
  Combining model and parameter uncertainty in Bayesian neural networks
  CO0184:  A. Osokin
  Deep structured prediction
Session CO046 Room: Business center
Extremes for multivariate data Sunday 14.4.2019   14:20 - 15:50
Chair: Gilles Stupfler Organizer: Gilles Stupfler
  CO0165:  A. Kiriliouk
  Hypothesis testing for tail dependence parameters on the boundary of the parameter space
  CO0206:  G. Stupfler
  On a relationship between randomly and non-randomly thresholded empirical average excesses for heavy tails
  CO0209:  A. Usseglio-Carleve
  Estimation of conditional extreme risk measures from heavy-tailed elliptical random vectors
  CO0210:  A. Janssen, H. Drees
  Cluster-based extremal inference for multivariate time series
Parallel session D: CRONOSMDA2019 Sunday 14.4.2019 16:20 - 17:30

Session CI007 Room: Triton 1+2
CRoNoS Session I Sunday 14.4.2019   16:20 - 17:30
Chair: Ori Davidov Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CI0175:  M.B. Ferraro, P. Giordani
  Robust methods for fuzzy clustering of non-linear structures
  CI0193:  A.B. Ramos-Guajardo, M.B. Ferraro
  Distances for clustering non-precise information: A comparative study
  CI0176:  I. Gomes, S. Dias, L. Canto e Castro, P. Reis
  Approximations for extremes and reliability of high-dimension coherent systems
Session CI017 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session III Sunday 14.4.2019   16:20 - 17:30
Chair: Tim Verdonck Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CC0259:  T. Verdonck, S. Van Aelst
  Robust high-dimensional data analysis
Session CO025 Room: Neptune
Functional/high-dimensional statistics I Sunday 14.4.2019   16:20 - 17:30
Chair: Frederic Ferraty Organizer: Frederic Ferraty
  CO0257:  V. Vitelli
  Joint sparse clustering and alignment of functional data: Theory and case studies
  CO0256:  C. Preda
  Categorical functional data analysis with R
  CO0251:  E. Devijver, M. Gallopin, R. Molinier
  Stability of a network inference procedure in high-dimension
Session CP001 Room: Business center
Poster Session Sunday 14.4.2019   16:20 - 17:30
Chair: Elena Fernandez Iglesias Organizer: CMStatistics
  CP0258:  D. Otryakhin
  Simulation of multidimensional stochastic integrals driven by Levy motions
  CP0288:  M.F. Teodoro
  Estimating pediatric hypertension prevalence in Portugal
  CP0298:  Y. Zemel, V. Panaretos, V. Masarotto
  Procrustes metrics on covariance operators and optimal transport of Gaussian processes
Parallel session E: CRONOSMDA2019 Sunday 14.4.2019 17:40 - 18:50

Session CI019 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session IV Sunday 14.4.2019   17:40 - 18:50
Chair: Tim Verdonck Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CC0183:  T. Verdonck, S. Van Aelst
  Robust high-dimensional data analysis
Session CO058 Room: Triton 1+2
Bayesian analysis of complex data Sunday 14.4.2019   17:40 - 18:50
Chair: Bernardo Nipoti Organizer: Bernardo Nipoti
  CO0213:  F. Stingo
  Varying-sparsity regression models with application to cancer proteogenomics
  CO0232:  I. Antoniano-Villalobos, A. Cremaschi, R. Piccarreta, S. Wade
  Colombian women's life choices: A Bayesian nonparametric multivariate regression approach
  CO0249:  J. Arbel
  Distributional properties of Bayesian deep neural networks
Session CO080 Room: Business center
Model-based and multivariate functional data Sunday 14.4.2019   17:40 - 18:50
Chair: Cristian Preda Organizer: Vincent Vandewalle, Cristian Preda
  CO0291:  V. Vandewalle, C. Biernacki, M. Marbac
  Gaussian-based visualization of Gaussian and non-Gaussian model-based clustering
  CO0242:  F. Chamroukhi
  Functional mixtures-of-experts
  CO0202:  M. Genin, M.S. Ahmed
  A functional model-adjusted spatial scan statistic
Session CO094 Room: Neptune
Functional/high-dimensional statistics II Sunday 14.4.2019   17:40 - 18:50
Chair: Frederic Ferraty Organizer: Frederic Ferraty
  CO0246:  S. Dabo, Z. Gharbi
  Functional linear spatial autoregressive modeling with endogenous weight matrix
  CO0247:  V. Characiejus, G. Rice
  A general white noise test based on kernel lag-window estimates of the spectral density operator
  CO0197:  S. Girard, G. Stupfler
  Estimation of extreme expectiles given a high-dimensional covariate
Parallel session F: CRONOSMDA2019 Sunday 14.4.2019 18:50 - 19:20

Session CI084 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session V Sunday 14.4.2019   18:50 - 19:20
Chair: Stefan Van Aelst Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CC0205:  S. Van Aelst, T. Verdonck
  Robust high-dimensional data analysis
Parallel session G: CRONOSMDA2019 Monday 15.4.2019 08:50 - 10:00

Session CI086 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session VI Monday 15.4.2019   08:50 - 10:00
Chair: Stefan Van Aelst Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CC0265:  S. Van Aelst, T. Verdonck
  Robust high-dimensional data analysis
Session CO035 Room: Neptune
Advances in functional data analysis Monday 15.4.2019   08:50 - 10:00
Chair: Dominik Liebl Organizer: Laura Sangalli
  CO0239:  E. Bongiorno, A. Goia
  Functional principal component analysis for Lorenz curves
  CO0248:  M. Carey, J. Ramsay, C. Genest
  Penalized smoothing for density estimation and its implications for risk management
  CO0262:  G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, A. Colubi, W. Gonzalez-Manteiga
  A test of equality of distributions for Hilbert-valued random elements
Session CO062 Room: Triton 1+2
High dimensional methods for complex data Monday 15.4.2019   08:50 - 10:00
Chair: Ivor Cribben Organizer: Ivor Cribben
  CO0185:  R. Sundararajan, H. Ombao
  Modeling evolution of spectral properties in stationary processes of varying dimensions
  CO0273:  I. Cribben
  Non-stationary high dimensional time series networks for brain imaging data
  CO0289:  D. Ferrari
  Fast and efficient construction of estimating equation in high-dimensions by L1-truncation
Session CG061 Room: Business center
High dimensional data Monday 15.4.2019   08:50 - 10:00
Chair: Stephane Girard Organizer: CMStatistics
  CC0277:  A. Ivanova, G. Molenberghs, G. Verbeke
  Fast and highly efficient pseudo-likelihood methodology for large and complex ordinal data
  CC0266:  A. Artemiou
  Using functions of inverse means and medians for dimension reduction
  CC0263:  H. Nguyen, C. Ausin, P. Galeano
  Variational Bayesian inference for high dimensional factor copulas
Parallel session I: CRONOSMDA2019 Monday 15.4.2019 11:30 - 13:00

Session CI011 Room: Triton 1+2
CRoNoS Session II Monday 15.4.2019   11:30 - 13:00
Chair: Florian Frommlet Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CI0177:  M. Villani, R. Kohn, M.-N. Tran, M. Quiroz, D.K.D. Dang
  Optimal tuning of subsampling Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
  CI0225:  R. Dahyot
  Harmonic networks and learning activation functions
  CI0234:  C. Gatu, M. Hofmann, A. Colubi, E.J. Kontoghiorghes
  Computational strategies for regression subset selection
  CI0238:  N. Emad
  High performance data analytics and some applications
Session CI088 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session VII Monday 15.4.2019   11:30 - 13:00
Chair: Alastair Young Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CC0155:  A. Young
  Selective inference
Session CO054 Room: Business center
Data depth for non-standard data and its applications Monday 15.4.2019   11:30 - 13:00
Chair: Pavlo Mozharovskyi Organizer: Pavlo Mozharovskyi
  CO0159:  M. Vimond
  Depth for curve data and applications
  CO0220:  I. Cascos
  Parameter depths induced by statistical functionals and their application to control charts
  CO0226:  G. Pandolfo, D. Paindaveine, G.C. Porzio
  Distance based depth functions for directional data
  CO0160:  P. Mozharovskyi, J. Josse, F. Husson
  Nonparametric imputation by data depth
Session CO082 Room: Neptune
Functional statistics for Hilbert data Monday 15.4.2019   11:30 - 13:00
Chair: Alessandra Menafoglio Organizer: Alessandra Menafoglio
  CO0219:  A. Pini, N. Lundtorp Olsen, S. Vantini
  The control of the false discovery rate for functional data defined over manifold domains
  CO0221:  V. Rimalova, A. Menafoglio, A. Pini, E. Fiserova, V. Penachec
  A permutation approach to the analysis of spatio-temporal geochemical data under heteroscedasticity
  CO0233:  R. Talska, A. Menafoglio, K. Hron, J.J. Egozcue, J. Palarea-Albaladejo
  Weighting in Bayes spaces and its effects in statistical processing of density functions
  CO0236:  S. Sjostedt-de Luna, J. Strandberg, J. Mateu
  Prediction of spatial functional random processes: Comparing functional and spatio-temporal kriging approaches
Parallel session J: CRONOSMDA2019 Monday 15.4.2019 14:30 - 16:30

Session CI090 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session VIII Monday 15.4.2019   14:30 - 16:30
Chair: Alastair Young Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CC0276:  A. Young
  Selective inference
Session CO023 Room: Business center
Advances in financial econometrics Monday 15.4.2019   14:30 - 16:30
Chair: Erricos Kontoghiorghes Organizer: Erricos Kontoghiorghes
  CO0154:  P. Winker, D. Lenz
  Using text mining methods for comparing trends in topics in economic journals overtime
  CO0169:  A. Amendola, V. Candila, G. Gallo
  On the frequency of transmission of market volatility: A double asymmetric GARCHMIDAS approach
  CC0272:  M. Wolski
  Independent and conditionally independent counterfactuals
  CO0150:  M. Deistler
  High frequency linear time series models and mixed frequency data
  CO0297:  S. Pollock
  IDEOLOG: A program for filtering econometric data
Session CO044 Room: Neptune
Inferences about multivariate and functional data Monday 15.4.2019   14:30 - 16:30
Chair: Sophie Dabo Organizer: Sophie Dabo
  CO0179:  C. Martins-Filho, X. Geng, F. Yao
  Estimation of a partially linear additive model with generated covariates
  CO0181:  T. Bouezmarni
  Nonparametric inference for copulas and measures of dependence under length-biased sampling and informative censoring
  CO0203:  M.S. Ahmed, S. Dabo, M. Genin
  Partially linear spatial probit models
  CO0250:  A. Delaigle
  Estimating a covariance function from fragments of functional data
  CO0254:  Z. Gharbi, S. Dabo
  Quasi-maximum likelihood estimators for functional linear spatial autoregressive models
Session CO078 Room: Triton 1+2
Recent developments in clustering and classification methods Monday 15.4.2019   14:30 - 16:30
Chair: Marta Nai Ruscone Organizer: Marta Nai Ruscone, Daniel Fernandez
  CO0223:  R. Rocci
  Clustering finite mixture components
  CO0187:  M. Marbac, M. Sedki
  Variable selection for model-based clustering
  CO0173:  C. Biernacki, G. Celeux, J. Josse, F. Laporte
  Dealing with missing data in model-based clustering through a MNAR model
  CO0171:  M. Nai Ruscone
  Clustering ranking data via copulas
  CO0201:  N. Dean
  Spatial clustering of average risks and risk trends in Bayesian disease mapping
Parallel session K: CRONOSMDA2019 Monday 15.4.2019 17:00 - 18:30

Session CI009 Room: Triton 1+2
CRoNoS Session III Monday 15.4.2019   17:00 - 18:30
Chair: Alastair Young Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CI0217:  E. Beutner, H. Zaehle
  Donsker results for the smoothed empirical process of dependent observations
  CI0182:  F. Ferraty, S. Nagy
  New foundations for functional local linear regression
  CI0153:  O. Davidov
  On the design of experiments with ordered treatments
Session CI092 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session IX Monday 15.4.2019   17:00 - 18:30
Chair: Peter Winker Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CC0278:  P. Winker
  Text mining in econometrics
Session CO042 Room: Neptune
Robust methods for high dimensional data Monday 15.4.2019   17:00 - 18:30
Chair: Stefan Van Aelst Organizer: Tim Verdonck, Stefan Van Aelst
  CO0207:  T. Verdonck, P. Rousseeuw, K. Boudt, S. Vanduffel
  The minimum regularized covariance determinant estimator
  CO0189:  J. Raymaekers, P. Rousseeuw
  Fast robust correlation for high dimensional data
  CO0195:  J. Ponnet, P. Segaert, S. Van Aelst, T. Verdonck
  Robust inference and modeling of mean and dispersion for generalized linear models
  CO0211:  I. Kalogridis, S. Van Aelst
  Robust estimation for functional and partially functional linear models
Session CC067 Room: Business center
Statistical modelling Monday 15.4.2019   17:00 - 18:30
Chair: Xuming He Organizer: CMStatistics
  CC0282:  W. Bergsma
  Regression modelling with I-priors
  CC0170:  C. Koki, L. Meligkotsidou, I. Vrontos
  Bayesian analysis of predictive non-homogeneous hidden Markov models using Polya-Gamma data augmentation
  CC0279:  A. Verhasselt, I. Gijbels, M.R. Karim
  Asymmetric distributions and quantile estimation
  CC0158:  L. Petkevicius, V. Bagdonavicius
  Statistical tests to identify unknown number of outliers in linear regression
Parallel session L: CRONOSMDA2019 Tuesday 16.4.2019 08:50 - 10:20

Session CI096 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session X Tuesday 16.4.2019   08:50 - 10:20
Chair: Zlatko Drmac Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CI0287:  Z. Drmac
  Numerical linear algebra for computational statistics
Session CO021 Room: Triton 1+2
Clustering and dimensionality reduction Tuesday 16.4.2019   08:50 - 10:20
Chair: Maria Brigida Ferraro Organizer: Maria Brigida Ferraro
  CO0214:  M.F. Marino, M. Alfo, F. Martella
  Model-based biclustering of multivariate longitudinal trajectories
  CO0199:  P. Montero-Manso, J. Vilar
  A distance for time series with applications to clustering and classification
  CO0204:  T. Padellini, P. Brutti
  Topological low dimensional learning of high dimensional time series
  CO0218:  A. Maruotti, A. Punzo, J. Bulla
  Parsimonious and robust hidden semi-Markov models with application to financial time-series
Session CO033 Room: Business center
Advances in computational statistics Tuesday 16.4.2019   08:50 - 10:20
Chair: Stella Hadjiantoni Organizer: Stella Hadjiantoni
  CO0198:  K. Nordhausen, J. Virta
  Estimating the number of signals in noisy ICA
  CO0237:  R. Pappada, L. Egidi, F. Pauli, N. Torelli
  Pivotal methods for clustering
  CO0252:  S. Orso, S. Guerrier, M. Karemera, M.-P. Victoria-Feser
  A simple recipe for making accurate parametric inference in finite sample
  CO0269:  A. Nieto-Reyes
  Sensitivity to outliers of functional depth
Session CO060 Room: Neptune
Analysis of high dimensional data Tuesday 16.4.2019   08:50 - 10:20
Chair: Malgorzata Bogdan Organizer: Malgorzata Bogdan
  CO0235:  K. Podgorski
  Random covariance matrices for multivariate and high-dimensional covariance-mean mixture normal models
  CO0228:  S. Paterlini, M. Bogdan, P.J. Kremer, D. Brzyski
  Sparse index tracking via the sorted $\ell_{1}$ - norm
  CO0264:  A. Baxevani, D. Hristopulos
  Effective probability distributions for spatially dependent processes
  CO0227:  H. Nassar, K. Podgorski
  Empirically driven orthonormal bases for functional data analysis
Parallel session N: CRONOSMDA2019 Tuesday 16.4.2019 11:50 - 13:00

Session CI005 Room: Triton 1+2
CRoNoS Session IV Tuesday 16.4.2019   11:50 - 13:00
Chair: Tim Verdonck Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CI0180:  E. Ronchetti, S. Ranjbar, S. Sperlich
  Prediction and robustness
  CI0244:  M. Riani, A. Atkinson, A. Corbellini
  Informative transformation of responses that can be positive or negative
  CI0224:  S. Taskinen, J. Miettinen, K. Nordhausen, D. Tyler
  Blind source separation based on robust autocovariance matrices
Session CI098 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session XI Tuesday 16.4.2019   11:50 - 13:00
Chair: Zlatko Drmac Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CC0280:  Z. Drmac
  Numerical linear algebra for computational statistics
Session CO076 Room: Neptune
Multivariate and functional data analysis Tuesday 16.4.2019   11:50 - 13:00
Chair: Alicia Nieto-Reyes Organizer: Alicia Nieto-Reyes
  CO0245:  S. Hadjiantoni, A. Colubi, E.J. Kontoghiorghes
  Numerical strategies for the estimation of functional regression models
  CO0255:  J. Ameijeiras-Alonso, R. Crujeiras, A. Rodriguez-Casal
  Investigating multimodality in a multivariate setting
  CO0268:  C. Agostinelli
  Statistical local depth for functional data
Session CC065 Room: Business center
Functional and multivariate data analysis Tuesday 16.4.2019   11:50 - 13:00
Chair: Enea Bongiorno Organizer: CMStatistics
  CC0275:  T. Rubin, V. Panaretos
  Sparsely observed functional time series: Estimation and prediction
  CC0281:  N. Lundtorp Olsen, A. Tolver
  Dynamic modelling of functional data using warped solutions of SDEs
  CC0292:  Y. Yatracos
  Detecting clusters in the data from variance decompositions of its projections
Parallel session O: CRONOSMDA2019 Tuesday 16.4.2019 14:30 - 16:00

Session CI100 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session XII Tuesday 16.4.2019   14:30 - 16:00
Chair: Daniela Zaharie Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CI0261:  D. Zaharie
  Machine learning methods for multivariate data analysis
Session CO050 Room: Neptune
Data depth and multivariate quantiles Tuesday 16.4.2019   14:30 - 16:00
Chair: Stanislav Nagy Organizer: Stanislav Nagy
  CO0240:  V.-E. Brunel
  Empirical and population level sets of Tukey's halfspace depth
  CO0212:  D. Hlubinka, L. Kotik
  Weighted halfspace depth
  CO0186:  C. Pretorius, S. Meintanis, M. Huskova
  Tests for validity of the semiparametric heteroskedastic transformation model
  CO0174:  D. Kosiorowski, D. Mielczarek, J. Rydlewski
  Statistical depth functions in robust causality analysis of economic phenomena
Session CO074 Room: Triton 1+2
Optimal transport methods in statistics Tuesday 16.4.2019   14:30 - 16:00
Chair: Yoav Zemel Organizer: Yoav Zemel
  CO0191:  A. Munk
  Empirical optimal transport: Inference, algorithms, applications
  CO0286:  G. Shamai, R. Slossberg, R. kimmel
  Synthesizing facial photometries and corresponding geometries using generative adversarial networks
  CO0194:  J. Backhoff-Veraguas, J. Fontbona, G. Rios, F. Tobar
  Bayesian learning with Wasserstein barycenters
  CO0290:  Q. Paris
  Convergence rates for empirical barycenters in metric spaces
Session CC064 Room: Business center
Multivariate and applied data analysis Tuesday 16.4.2019   14:30 - 16:00
Chair: Andreas Artemiou Organizer: CMStatistics
  CC0271:  J. Klicnarova
  On modified interdirections and lift-interdirections
  CC0274:  J. Rendlova, K. Hron, O. Vencalek, D. Friedecky, T. Adam
  Compositional analysis of untargeted metabolomic data using multiple Bayesian hypotheses testing
  CC0283:  J. Bruha
  Robust sparse generalized dynamic PCA: Algorithms and some applications
  CC0152:  P. Rupsys
  Mixed effect parameters 4-variate Gompertz type diffusion process: Computational aspects and information measures
Parallel session P: CRONOSMDA2019 Tuesday 16.4.2019 16:30 - 18:30

Session CI102 Room: Triton 3
Spring course session XIII Tuesday 16.4.2019   16:30 - 18:30
Chair: Ivette Gomes Organizer: CRoNoS Action
  CI0156:  I. Gomes
  Statistics of extremes and risk assessment using R
Session CO106 Room: Triton 1+2
Inter-COST Actions: Applied data analysis Tuesday 16.4.2019   16:30 - 18:30
Chair: Ana Colubi Organizer: Ana Colubi, Erricos Kontoghiorghes
  CO0296:  K. Tsagarakis, A. Mavragani
  Nowcasting the public's response to natural hazards in the google era
  CO0293:  E. Fernandez Iglesias, G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, J. Marquinez
  Assessing an increase of extreme rainfall by a bootstrap isotonic test
  CO0294:  K. Tsirigos
  Deep learning for biological sequence analysis: The SignalP software
  CO0295:  D. Charmpis, F. Alogdianakis, I. Balafas
  Using data analysis to learn from an infrastructure dataset for highway bridges
  CO0285:  C. Charalambous, S. Martzoukos, Z. Taoushianis
  A semiparametric default forecasting model